Google Shopping: 7 actions to get better results increasing relevance

In Google Shopping there is no keyword targeting.?

So you can’t get rid of irrelevant traffic by pausing keywords.

Also, you can’t pick relevant keywords and target them. System picks relevant keywords based on information that you provided in the product feed.??

You need to be much smarter. You can just pause search terms which are wasting your budget. It’s just impossible here.?

In this short article, we will share our 7 favorite tips that will help you to get rid of irrelevant traffic.?

1. Create a separate campaign for bestsellers

Create campaigns for bestsellers

2. Structure campaigns.

We create three campaigns: “top sellers” campaign which will get the biggest portion of traffic (general search terms), “broad match” campaign for experiments, and “exact match” campaign for most profitable products. If you have less than 200 products, it’s better to subdivide products by their id so you can bid separately for each of your target products. This article will give you an idea of how you can create exact match campaigns.

3. Increase bids.

Increase bids for products for ad groups with the highest conversion rate and high IS lost due to their rank in the “Exact Match” campaign. The problem is that sometimes more aggressive bidding can lead to the increase of traffic from general search terms while your primary search terms will still have high impression share lost due to low rank. That’s why we are usually increasing bids for exact match keywords only that proved to give good results.

4. Reallocate traffic.

Reallocate traffic to products that are giving better results by checking products report. It’s quite common that people don’t really buy products they clicked but choose something different from your website. So checking the product report inside your “broad match” campaign can show you if there are any products which you can move to the “top sellers” campaign.

5. Use negative keywords.

Use negatives in “broad match” and “top sellers” campaign. When a search term has a low conversion rate in the “broad match” campaign add it as a negative keyword inside this campaign. If it does not convert in “top sellers” add it as a negative keyword on a shared library level.

6. Product title optimization.

Optimize product titles including the most commonly used search terms to increase relevance. ?It shouldn’t be too long and it should simply name the product, ad description should contain the most important product description. You can use additional space filling it with other relevant info – it will positively affect your relevance and quality.

7. Update your feed daily.

Make sure you update feed every day not to have problems with moderation which can prevent your ads from showing in lots of auctions. Double check website crawls status under the diagnostic tab in the merchant account. If you face any problems submit this form but wait at least 72 hours, it can take up to 3 days to check your feed. Also, make sure that you have a schedule that will constantly resubmit your feed once there are any changes, otherwise, you could also be banned in some